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Author:  Karen
E-mail:  karen_bull@telstra.com
Date:  10/2/2003 12:28:02 AM
Subject:  Re: new member remembering
Message:  Hello Bud. Things are good "down under". Neil and have some fun this year, travelling up the east coast as far as you can go without taking the frontier type trip that goes past Cooktown. From there, you can only go in the dry season and you need a 4WD vehicle(which we have), spares of everything that is likely to break on your vehicle as you go through very rough country, winches, etc. You also have to camp and take lots of precautions. We plan to do that trip, "up the Cape", one day but when we are more experienced. We also want to go inland and see the lonely beauty of the desert, but not just yet.

Our trip was mostly through civilised territory, along the whole east coast which has beeeootiful beaches!! We went snorkelling at the barrier reef and saw amazing coral and coloured fish. We went through the beautiful tropical rainforests of far north Queensland (without seeing a croc.. whew!)(although Neil and I nearly leapt out of our skins when a fish jumped near us when standing beside a crocodile river!!), and we travelled back inland a little and saw the edge of remote sheep station country. It was wonderful and we met so many fabulous wanderers like ourselves. We may have to settle back down for a couple of years, not sure yet, but our aim is to keep on doing this gypsy thing until, well, until we wander off into the big never never in the sky!

Hope things are good with you, mate. I sure have missed you all. That has been a big hardship for me.



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