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Author:  Gerry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  8/8/2005 1:36:04 PM
Subject:  Scams
Message:  Thanks Roy for circulating the information about Phone Scams. When, if you return one of those calls using "Premium Rate Dialling Codes" your phone bill can clock up massive charges. These scams are nothing new and are Worldwide. Just remember don't return a call you don't recognise who you are dialling without first checking your phone company "Dialling Code Rates" The other easy scam to get caught out with is for Dial Up Internet Users (Non-Broadband) is if you get Booted Off the internet and a window appears asking if you wish to be re-connected never fall for that ALWAYS click the No box (is is very easy for a dialer to be downloaded from a web site on to your computer without you even noticing) and then check your Internet Options in the computer Control Panel before re-connecting in your usual safe way. Gerry.

 Scams by Gerry at 8/8/2005 1:36:04 PM