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Author:  Judy W.
E-mail:  BellvimAol.com
Date:  9/30/2003 3:45:47 PM
Subject:  Posted this on the back prorch
Message:  Last night I had a wondrous dream
About my life and past, it seems.
I met a traveler that I did know.
"Walk with me and learn and grow."
His voice spoke reason, clear & true.
A warming chill and then I knew--
"Its been a year since I've seen your face,
There's still no one to take your place.
What I've done and seen you won't believe
Where you've gone and been I can't conceive."
"Trust me friend, when I say I know,
Walk with me and learn & grow."
I told him of the porch friends and places I've been
The people I've helped, the reasons I sin.
The men I've loved, the dreams that I dream.
"Tell me Mickey, is it more than it seems?"
"I've been with you pal each and every day,
I know why you laugh, I know why you morn.
I'll stay whith you now until you are old
Just remember the lessons that you have been told
All people make mistakes, on that you can depend
But the pain can be cured by the hand of a friend."
He touched me with love, and from that I do know,
He will walk with me always as I lean & grow.

We miss and love you Mick,
Always in our hearts,
Judy and Amber W.

 Posted this on the back prorch by Judy W.  at 9/30/2003 3:45:47 PM