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Author:  Joedy L.
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/29/2003 10:01:43 PM
Subject:  Re: Happy Birthday, Joey L
Message:  To all ya kind folks dat dunn sent birdday messyages to Joey, he an' I sey "Donky Shorts", "Geen Kooya", "Grassy *ss", or juz playne "Thank You".

My IE was messed up past couple weeks and tonight was the first time I could access the Front Porch.

My brudder and seester-in-law dun kiddnapped me an took me to an Eye-talian Ristorante fer me birdday. Gone so long (we had a mommy-sitter at home), well, we thought she would go to sleep at regular time 9:30 ... instead, when I came home after 11:00 (doz Eye-talian cooks were SLOW), she was a waitin' an' a fummin'. Good thing her memory is gone, cuz she fergot it all next mornin'.

So I an' Joey will be reedin' yer messyages and passages. Yep, Happy Birdday to me.

Joedy and Joey

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