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Author:  Jonmark
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Date:  9/26/2003 10:18:05 AM
Subject:  Ron, Margaret & Me
First, thanks for the welcome you all gave Margaret last week. I've been telling her that this group was a cut above most humans you run across... you proved it once again.

It's interesting to me that the three of us all lived in and around the bay area at the same time, but didn't know one another.

I met Margaret here in SC at about the same time I was getting to know Ron... long distance, thanks to Mickey.

It took two and a half years for me to mention Ron in a conversation with Margaret, only to find that she used to listenen to him on KCBS every morning in 'Frisco.

What do you want to bet they'll meet face to face at the next Gathering...

Just another one of Mickey's circles.

 Ron, Margaret & Me by Jonmark at 9/26/2003 10:18:05 AM
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