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Author:  Horst
E-mail:  schattengewaechse@t-online.de
Date:  3/19/2005 9:28:34 PM
Subject:  Re: Songbook
Message:  Hello Mamie,
what I have in mind simply is the idea of a larger arrangement of Mickey´s music for electric guitar solo. I´ve been performing here for long, having specialised on the popular music of the 60s and 70s (which is the time when I grew up and out of my childhood days), and it´s always been a great feeling to realise that this musical period is NOT forgotten but well rememembered. I´ve always planned to add Mickey´s music to this complex and so help spread around his compositions to the audiences. To my understanding his music as COMPOSITIONS is quite underestimated, and as I recently wrote to Susan Williamson, songs like "Remember the Good" speak for themselves - not just because of their tremendous lyrics but the deep musical line, too.

But whenever I sat down to start this very private project I unfortunately found out that Mickey´s music is such a hell of a thing to arrange for just one instrument due to several aspects. So I hope to get deeper insights by reading the structures.

I have to add one thing: Mickey´s songs have always meant a lot to me, so the transfers to the non-verbal music of one instrument includes a good heap of responsibility. That´s the way I feel. So if things should turn out to be incomplete somehow, being on the surface or simply weak - I won´t do it.

With love from Bavaria, Germany - Horst

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