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Author:  Susie
E-mail:  snewbury@sps.lane.edu
Date:  9/19/2003 2:20:28 PM
Subject:  Don't fix it unless...
Message:  OK, It looks like Chris and I are making a mountain out of a molehill..... my mom says that just gets you BIG gophers. We'll leave both boards just the way they are. You have to promise not to become couch potatoes, and make the effort to wander from room to room now and then. We can afford to keep things this way as long as you all let people know about Mick's music. That's what this is all about: music and friendship. You also have to promise to help Mamie sweep the Front Porch every once in a while. (; The data capacity of the Back Porch is greater than the Front Porch, so the Front Porch will be swept clean every few weeks, depending on the number of posts. Anita's statistics tell us that there are an average of 11,000 hits a day. I think that number is astonishing, given the number of people who post. The Back Porch won't be touched without letting you know first, so that you can save all of Doug and Larry's poetry, or anything else that interests you.

We know that we still have bugs to work out, but for the time being we'll assume that you're happy with the way things are, unless you email us. Please do let me know what bugs you. If I hear from enough porchers, I'll know we need to do something about it.

Bob and Chris say that the CD and Video are coming along... hopefully real soon. Laura (Chris' Laura) and I are working on the children's book, and that should be back to Ted for drawings within the month, and done by Spring. Chris has a Tab book that he and Jeff Staves are working on, and Steve is busy burning CD's to send to up and coming artists so that they hear Mick's music. If you can think of a song of Mick's that could be done by a particular person... I'm all ears. No one will be able to touch Phil's cut though. (: Laura Shayne listens to it all the time... that and Doug's TREE song.

Chris and Mamie will be at the Songwriter's Festival in Florida in November, and then we're going to try and spend Christmas with Mamie in Houston.

Love to you all,


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