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Author:  Joe Z
E-mail:  JoeZiemer1@insightBB.com
Date:  9/16/2003 11:37:16 AM
Subject:  Re: Good Mornin' Friends
Message:  Am organizing pictures and captions now. Mamie is so wonderful; she sent about a dozen from her personal scrapbook. Phil Weedon, Earl Wynn, Connie Smith, our boy Roy and Mary Frank Andrews also helped out with photos. What a great team!

Am working on a comprehensive index of about 1200 entries. The book itself contains 122,000 words.

There will be two editions. First, a hardbound release in limited issue of say, 500 copies. A smaller paperback version will follow.

"Newbury" will be out there a long, long time. It's important we spend the time necessary to get it right. I can't wait, but in consideration of the bigger picture, we must.

Love ya,


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