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Author:  Roy
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Date:  5/24/2004 12:43:20 PM
Subject:  Strange Things
Message:  Ok guys, I know it was close to Mick's birthday and all that...but.....

If you go to the Gathering link...it says that the last post was by Susan on 5/21...when you look, it's not there! We all saw and many replied to Bob's post regarding turning over the operation of Mountain Retreat to Susan and the kids...if you go to the members area and check on Bob's postings...there is no record of that post!

There are posts missing from both the Front Porch and the Back Porch...it's my understanding that there are two different formats involved, neither one connected to the other. Therefore if a glitch should happen on one Porch, it should not effect the other.

Do any of you computer nerds have an answer? Mickey said that he effected electronic equipment in strange ways. Do you think.......

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