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Author:  Roy
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Date:  9/12/2003 10:13:01 AM
Subject:  Remembering Johnny Cash
Message:  I wasn't around Johnny much. Promoted a few shows with John, The Statlers and The Carter Family...was on a few roars back in the "Crazy Days", drove a golf cart for John at Willie's one day...he wasn't playing, just watching Willie and Kris...another couple of times that I can't talk about here...but even back in the very crazy times, he was alway a gentle-man, always kind, and even before he could remember my name, he called me "brother". He is being called "a giant", and he really was...he cared about people and I guess everyone knows the reason he wore black all the time.

All I could think about on the way to work this morning is that June & Mick & Waylon were waiting for him.

He as a friend of our Judy, and my heart goes out to her this morning. Love you girl.

 Remembering Johnny Cash by Roy at 9/12/2003 10:13:01 AM
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