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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  sarahjp1@airmail.net
Date:  9/11/2003 5:53:55 AM
Subject:  remembering on this day
Message:  Two years past seem so long ago, so many changes. I woke up that morning and went immediately to my PC, as usual, before even plugging in the coffee, to see if our beloved hero had been up to any late night posting. Then, I went to live chat to get in my usual visit with Karen in Australia before she went to bed. She told me to turn on my TV, the first tower had already been hit. I went back and forth between the TV and typing to Karen, and was actually watching when the second tower got hit. Many of you came to the pool that day. We are like a big extended family that turns to each other in crisis, and I appreciate and love you all for "being there". I think I'll do some pool sitting today in memory...........SusanW

 remembering on this day by SusanW  at 9/11/2003 5:53:55 AM
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