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Author:  Enfinger
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Date:  9/10/2003 7:26:46 PM
Subject:  real LOVE ...
Message:  Tonight I stayed late at work as we are behind cleaning seed ... Kathy came by to check on me & bring some "munchies" ... we sat in the office & as she told me of todays events, including the birth of her grand nephew, the seed cleaner over-filled the holding bin & poured wheat seed out all over the floor ... 'bout 150 bushels (those of you don't know what bushels are ... helluvalot). Kat grabbed a seed scoop & as I shoveled it into barrels she'd scoop it back into the seed cleaner ... two hours later we had the mess cleaned up ... she was as dirty as a coal miner ... I had fun cleanin' her up though. She commented "I should have left when you said you needed to check the machines" ... but the "real" love came when she picked up that scoop & said, "I'll help". Full moon out tonight ... I know Mick was watchin' over us ... wish he'd a give a hand on that shovel.

Pleasant listening,


 real LOVE ... by Enfinger at 9/10/2003 7:26:46 PM
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