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Author:  texasroyce
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/25/2010 1:35:31 PM
Subject:  Re: Quote of the day - May 25
Message:  Craig: Please don't buy me a Mercedes. My wife had one and whenever she had something go wrong I had the "privilige" of donating my week of pay to fix it.

I wanted to give it away and a friend from Pennsylvania came to California looking for an old Mercedes to buy. We donated it to him and his two sons who drove it back home. My wife cried as it drove away. I jumped for joy when it disappeared down the street. I figure it saved me enough to buy her a new car. Is there anyone here who is begging for a Volvo. I just can't win.   

 Quote of the day - May 25 by Craig at 5/25/2010 2:03:14 AM
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