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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  5/8/2010 6:21:53 AM
Subject:  Karley and Soccer
Message:  Thought I'd throw something a little light "hearted" in here while waiting for Mamie to get well and go home.

My cousin sent me pictures of her grandson playing in his little leage game. She has sent me several and they are precious. I felt I had to respond and I did. This is what I wrote her.

"I can imagine the pride that you feel. Monica signed Karley up for soccer. She has always wanted to play soccer.

She had the net and two or three balls for practice. I bought her some cones, and another ball, so she could practice dribbling around them and then score a goal.

Then came the big moment.   The team would practice for the first time and then play their first game. It was such a proud moment with Suzette, Billy, and me watching Karley , in line with her team, to kick the practice goal. Yes is was a memorable moment watching Karley, in line, with Monica, the only parent out there with their kid, standing in line together waiting their turn.

Then came game time and Karley's team took the field..... and Karley wouldn't go out on the field. We tried everything, " Go Karley Go!"... "I'll buy you a big bag of M&M's"..... " Karley, we've already paid for you to play and bought your uniform!!!"

As the game neared an end and Monica going up to the ymca office to " Unsign" Karley from the soccer team, I sat by Karley and told her that I was still proud of her , just for being my little granddaughter. I also told her that her mother did the same thing with T Ball when she was her age.

We returned to their home and big back yard where, once again, Karley kicked her soccer ball around the cones and scored, by kicking the ball in her goal. She was magnificent! No one could keep up with her. And once again, I was very proud of may little blond, curley haired, blue eyed, granddaughter."

 Karley and Soccer by larry larry at 5/8/2010 6:21:53 AM
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