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Author:  Annaleah
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Date:  9/29/2008 4:28:09 PM
Subject:  Sweet Memories
Message:  His favorite sandwiches were grilled cheese and german chocolate icing and cream cheese, always with "this much milk".

He liked to watch boxing and the news and golf. Not much fun for an 8 year old, let me tell you.

He would play the piano at rediculous times of the night, morning, and day.

His TV was always turned up as loud as it would go...and he slept to it that way. Once I snuck in around 2am to turn it off (I couldn't sleep, it was so loud), and he promptly sat up and said, "hey, I was watching that!" Actually, he was snoring, but I turned it back on anyway. ;)

He could never remember the day, the month, or the year.

He always dressed well, even if he was just wearing pajamas (silk, of course).

He had cool friends (Santa and Elvis came to the house regularly while I was growing up...who WERE those people?)

If I wanted it, I got it (my dream car). If he wanted it, he got it (my favorite leather jacket).

He could put chapstick on one handed (unscrew the top, put it on, screw the top back on...all with one hand. That is talent).

I miss him.

Love you, dad.

What are your favorite memories of him?

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