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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  7/1/2008 8:33:13 PM
Subject:  Tonight is hard...
Message:  Been out shopping and listening to Mickey on the way home. One of those, rough copy, cd's Dave made for me.   

Talked to Dave this afternoon. I give him hell but I find myself feeling close to Mickey many times when I talk to Dave. Dave knew him better than me. A lot of people did but Dave and I seem to find a warm spot when we talk of Mickey. I've been in the car, and comfortable with Dave with both of us listening to one of Mickey's cd's and not saying a word. Which is probably good because he usually doesn't have anything to say , worth listening to.

I would love to hear one more live performance from Mickey. At the gathering, I kept looking at the picture of Mickey on the wall and thinking " Will there ever be another one? "Not to say that there aren't some very talented people out there but , somehow , Mickey knew my feelings and thoughts, and moods. He knew yours too and had a way of presenting them in a way that no one else could. If you're like me, you thought you owned Mickey Newbury and no one else even knew about him. What a shock when I found this site after not communicating with Mamie in several years.

I found myself always looking for his approval on things that I would write and post on the board. Just the fact that he read it was special. I hope, that in all those post of mine, he found at least one thing that he liked.

Yeah, tonight is hard. Thanks again to the family for sharing Mickey and themselves with us.

On a brighter side, Dave stepped through a floor yesterday, all the way down to his privates. Don't think those nerve endings work anyway.

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