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Author:  Craig
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Date:  11/30/2007 4:38:37 PM
Subject:  Evel Knievel
He didn't invent the Hokie Pokie but he kept us on the edge our seats with every jump he made...or didn't.

As young teens, we aspired to be just like him.
I could do a wheelie until there I ran out of road. Balance then was much of a challenge, wisdom and common sense possibly were.

We would set up jumping ramps in David Stagg's back yard with a laid over 55 gallon drum and 2" X 12" board resting on it. The old 125 Benelli and Honda 100 flew as high as we dared. Jumping wasn't the problem...landing was something entirely different. As the old saying goes...

"Everything was fine until someone got hurt, then it was just outright hilarious!"

Rest easy Mr. Knievel. You enriched my childhood and adolescence...much to my parents consternation.


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