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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  laura.s.hunsaker@gmail.com
Date:  11/21/2007 9:59:12 AM
Subject:  Happy Day!!
Message:  Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, I have a new piano in my home (and it's lovely by the way -- I'll send pictures!), and my husband brought me flowers at work with a note, "Just because". It's a beautiful day!!

I played until midnight last night - the piano is even better than I expected! 64' long, beautiful, perfectly weighted keys, black antique finish, and a few of the keys have actually been replaced with bare wood keys which look as though they've been hand carved and worn for years! I am in heaven! It's absolutely everything I've ever wanted in an instrument!!

Thanksgiving, though we'll be missing Leah and Jon TERRIBLY should prove to be just as wonderful! Steve, Kimmy and Jason (cousins), and Ryan and I are going shooting tomorrow morning. I'm taking dad's favorite (also my favorite) double-barrel 12 gauge!! Then we'll cook all day and eat in the afternoon, leaving time to shuffle around the house before it gets dark! I'm so excited!

I hope Thanksgiving is wonderful for everyone! Granny, I love you and miss you so much! I just sent a letter off for you in the mail, and give our love to Brenda and Jerry as well!

Jonmark, I got your call. I keep intending to call you back, losing track of time, and realizing it may be too late to call by the time I pick up the phone! One of these days I'll have my head on straight.

Roy, I promise your package is in the mail this week! I thought it was already on it's way, but Ryan forgot to send it out. He's been working 16 hour days to keep us afloat, so I can't blame him for forgetting! It'll be coming soon! And that's a Newbury promise!

Love you all.

Laura Shayne Hunsaker

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