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Author:  Doug
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Date:  11/10/2007 2:07:16 PM
Subject:  Re: Where did the music go?
It's out there, Gloria.
When the populace wakes up from their tv nap
and goes out to look for it,
it'll be found again.
Try looking in those few cafes and bars
where the singer works behind a tip jar.
Try looking in small towns where
the local players gather in a church basement
to sing together once a week.
Red Simpson in a bar in California,
his rockabilly sold out to a Rhythm Ace.
Ask him to sing the genuine article.
It's out there, Gloria.
Artists like those towns that dried up
when the bypass route opened, leaving their
Main Street boarded up, the center
no longer bubbling with livelihood.
Artists who resemble Route 66, chunks of
asphalt heaving and cracking, roadways
that nobody travels down any longer.
A shack off the road in Mississippi, a kitchen
with a chain-locked refrigerator where
RL Burnside hops up the old blues line.
It's out there, Gloria.
You do have to search for it,
make the pilgrimage from WalMart and Starbucks
to the peel-paint shiplap, to the room
full of arthritic swingtimers
in the Ukrainian Hall who play
for the love of it.
Keep looking, go past the shiny shoes
until you see the bare feet,
the scuffed boots,
the five o'clock shadow of great
American music.

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