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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  laura.s.hunsaker@gmail.com
Date:  11/9/2007 8:01:15 AM
Subject:  Re:
Message:  Sorry I didn't answer this morning LL. I had a long night. I was at a dinner for the Relief Society (the women's organization in our church) and when I got home I found my dog, Cheyenne, in the driveway. She'd been hit by a car sometime while I was gone, and needless to say, I was a wreck. I bought that dog when I was in Junior High, and she's been at my side or in the back of my pickup every day since. I told Ryan if the Lord was preparing me to one day lose a child, this was the right way to do it.

I heard the phone ring this morning, and I was already awake... but I didn't want to ruin your morning by talking to a blubbering idiot. *grin* I've pulled myself together and am at work, though I feel like I'm the one that got hit, perhaps by a train, and I think my head just might explode before lunch. Got your message though. It made me laugh. You're a nerd.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend. At this point, I could use a few days off!

Laura Shayne

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