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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/2/2007 5:16:35 PM
Subject:  nice to have a friend when you needed a drink!
Message:  ... or have a friend who are a expert on beer - read later!

I looking much forward for Austin, Texas next year.

I for the moment "take care of business" for my Jimmy Webb music and my big music collection.

When I back in September was in London for two concerts with JIMMY WEBB, I speak with lovely LAURA, J.W.s wife.
I told Laura how glad I was that she and Jimmy now was together!
Jimmy stop drinking around 8 years ago!

Later next year I be with the another lovely LAURA in Austin, Texas - I am a lucky guy!

Back to the beer!
For one of the concerts "over there" in London with Mister Webb, my good friend Carsten Berthelsen and great lover of Jimmy´s music flew over to join me for the second concert.

He and I visiting a great pub, almost just around the corner, near the famous Ronnie Scott Club, in the heart of London, where Jimmy perform.
Carsten hunting the "good" tasting beer, I just ask for a light beer.

Carsten is, as maybe told BEFORE, a true expert in beer, author, lecturer plus more.

Carsten visiting for some few days ago my hometown Hilleroed, and in a bookstore downtown Hilleroed he talk about beer, how you make beer around in Europe.
We was also able to taste small samples of bottle beer from small, bigger brewery around in Europe, also some owns by monk and made in a monastery, stong and not so strong beer - up to 12%.

Carstens last big BEER book have titel: "50 beer you have to taste before you died".

And Carsten gave me for free a great beer book of his, titel "Beer-travel" and sign my ex.

FUNNY what different people you can meet, WHEN YOU LOVE MUSIC!

The story why Carsten and I meet, is funny for me.
In the big National Radio (Danmarks Radio) in Copenhagen is one of the "music top people" ALEX NYBORG MADSEN a great Mickey Newbury plus at same time a big Jimmy Webb fan.
I am almost shure Alex have both Joe Ziemer book about Mickey and J.W. book "Tunesmith", both coming from me.
One day, some years back Carstens wife saw a articles in a big danish newspaper about Alex mention, that he for the moment was reading J.W.s "Tunesmith" book.
Carstens wife wanted to give him this book to his birthday, so she contacted Alex, and he gave her my e-mail her in Hilleroed.
And rest is history...

take care!

More that nightime here in Denmark!

erik "THE DANE"

 nice to have a friend when you needed a drink! by erik "the dane" at 11/2/2007 5:16:35 PM
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