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Author:  Aaron Chapman
E-mail:  aaron@aaronchapman.net
Date:  11/24/2003 12:36:44 AM
Subject:  Re: Bocephus King
Message:  I'm probably a bad, or at least biased reference here as I have on occasion found myself in the past in the Bocephus King band... And I played on the new "All Children Believe in Heaven" CD.

And I suppose its a little cheeky for me to give you a review, But what I will do is offer you some review of how I saw the thing being made, in terms of what I saw.... I'll tell it to you straight. Its not a experience I would wish to relive. They talk about circus like atmosphere... Hell, Circus Vargas is one thing, but having a top hatted Bocephus King threaten a shivering guitarist in Paul Rigby and I with a chair and bullwhip while we did our parts is completely another.
For one, I think Mr. King took the cowards way out by selecting the players for this album solely on the basis of those he thought he might be able to enjoy a good meal. And to that end, I will refuse from now on to take his confusing studio directions "play that solo the way I saw you eating all that rice pilaf that day at the old Risty on Granville when I first met you."

But to tell you the truth, I think longtime fans of Bocephus King and his records will find this an engrossing album and one that will get under your skin like his previous efforts. Its all there, the
voice, the sweeping cinematic musical punches, and literate sub reference laden lyrics, and those Bocephus King beats and rythms... But also some genre-busting notions by a guy perhaps once slotted into the alt.country boat who is taking a drill to the hull and laughing as he watches the water rush in. There's some new sounds, and new ideas here by a musical omnivore who eats with his mouth open.
I think its a hellevua record.

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