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Author:  BobR
E-mail:  not available
Date:  10/22/2006 9:00:54 AM
Subject:  Re: box set
Message:  Thanks, Roy. Owsley and Michael McDonald get much of the credit. I don't know if the original comment/criticism was referencing the digitally remastered set or the original 1998 set. I am not going to get into the digital vs. analog dispute; it is too subjective. I will say the CDs are much more "open" and expansive than the LPs, because of the compression used on LPs. That was to limit the groove size for the needle and to fit the material on one side of the record. Michael expanded and opened up the compression. The master tapes are probably destroyed. Elektra doesn't have them. Mickey may have at one time, or they got lost in some vault, destroyed in a warehouse fire (ABC Hickory had one) or just discarded. Ron thinks they may surface; after the Dead Sea Scrolls, who can say that won't happen, but I doubt it. Even then, tape deteriorates and they may not be any good. Given what most people listened to LPs on, and the quality radio provided, today you can hear more of what was on those recordings than when they were released. In the 1970s the quality of vinyl also suffered, which is why we used 3-5 virgin sets of LPs to get the best transfer we could get. Then Michael did his magic. Mickey thought they sounded great. And as for iPods, the sound is once again compressed for MP3. Full circle.

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