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Author:  ChrisF
E-mail:  fraser007@primus.com.au
Date:  9/1/2003 11:21:24 PM
Subject:  Well the concert went well
Message:  The tribute concert went well, there were three of us on stage and we all told how Mickey had touched our lives.
I of course sang HEAVEN HELP THE CHILD, Mick would have loved it as for once I did not sing it too fast.
"Lovers" and "Where you been so long" were others and Doug Ashdown sang a song that he and Mickey wrote together when he was here in Australia. It was a fantastic song but has never been recorded.
The thrill for me was that Karen traveled over 600 miles just to be there for the tribute and she sat in the front row just like in Florabama
A few tears were shed but that could have been because Karen and I had a couple of glass's of red before the concert.
Karen looked great and it was fantastic seeing and playing for her.
Love to all who sit on this old,, new blue porch

 Well the concert went well by ChrisF  at 9/1/2003 11:21:24 PM
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