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Author:  Bob C
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Date:  9/29/2003 1:14:12 PM
Subject:  Today....
Message:  I discovered the board sometime in early summer of 2002..I visited but never posted.. I thought it was for family and close friends.. After Mickey's passing, I read everything posted and then felt I had to share my thoughts and feeling of loss.
Reading all the comments and posts, I learned Mickey was not only the song writer/performer I always knew he was, but, found he was the person I believed him to be...
Bob C

"A Butterfly lights beside us like a Sunbeam
And for a brief moment
It's glory and beauty belong to our World
But, then it flies on again
And though We wish it could have stayed,
We feel so Lucky to have seen it...."

 Today.... by Bob C at 9/29/2003 1:14:12 PM
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