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Author:  Eve
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Date:  9/26/2003 3:02:12 PM
Subject:  A trivia post for Mickey
Message:  I am starting to really feel the pain of missing MIckey this morning. He always enjoyed these little triva post like this.

This is designed to really make you think. To fill in the blanks just copy mine and paste to your post....then remove my answer and replace with yours. It will really tell us a lot about each other. I hope you play along.

I am not: A pushover...I fight back
I hurt: When others make me feel inferior
I love: My DH with all my heart
I hate: People who stir up trouble just because they are bored.
I fear: My DH dying before I do
I forget: To do the things on my todo list
I remember: When DH and I were young. What a great time we had
I imagine: What Heaven must be like
I crave: Peace and quite most now that I am older
I regret: Serving as a Secretary for years until I realized what I really wanted to do. I had to get sick to realize it.
I care: About hurting someone feelings. A lot.
I want: To sleep at night like most people do.
I feel alone: I never feel alone but I do sometimes feel lonely for a bosom buddy. I don't have close girlfriends anymore the way I did when younger.
I listen: To music a lot. It is a comfort to me
I hide: In the house too much. I need to get involved in my community more.
I pretend: To be interested in certain things when they bore me but don't want to hurt someone's feelings.
I drive: I can't drive anymore since I got sick
I sing: To my favorite CDs
I cry: At sad movies and the treatment sometimes given to animals ( who I think are wonderful)
I destroy: A pair of stockings, five minutes after I put them on.
I dance: Around the yard on a beautiful day or when walking down a country road.
I write: Gospel Songs, poems,but hate writing letters or thank you notes
I wake: Up at all hours of the night if I am lucky enough to get to sleep in the first place.
I breathe: In the fragrance of Honeysuckles, Wisteria on Warm Southern Nights
I play: Guitar, a little piano, golf, pool, board games
I venture: Too far out of my element sometimes
I find: The older I get the more I appreciate the simple things in life
I pray: To Jesus, the one who loves me without conditions, just as I am
I miss: Being young and having the whole world in front of me
I kiss: My DH and my dogs(not on the mouth)
I succeed: Mostly by the seat of my pants. I am a jump in and see what happens, person
I search: For the reason God put me here
I learn: Because it pleases me to know things
I feel: Pain for people, plants and animals that die too soon
I know: I am Saved
I joke: When I feel tension around me. I hate tension
I say: I can't make it on my own. I need help!
I change: My mind about things all the time. What I love today, I may not even like tomorrow
I fail: Only when I think I am in control of things. I need to let go and let God, more often
I dream: About a day when there will be no more tears for any one.
I believe: I have an eternal soul
I wonder: At at lot of things in this lovely Universe.
I worry: About the time when DH can no longer work. He likes working.
I wish: I could see every one of my pets again just to hug them one more time and tell them how much I love them
I fight: Over the stupidest things. I sweat the small stuff too much
I need: Sunshine and open windows. Fresh Air and Flowers and porch swings in my life
I am: Waiting on the trumpet call, when Jesus comes to take his children home

 A trivia post for Mickey by Eve at 9/26/2003 3:02:12 PM
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