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Author:  Laura Shayne
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Date:  9/23/2003 7:37:17 PM
Subject:  Re: I'm new to this!
Message:  Karen... my goodness, now we have THREE Karens on the board! haha This is craaazy! Mickey's youngest daughter, Laura Shayne, speaking here... and may I say, offense taken? None. And I am sure everyone on the board feels the same. If they don't they can take a long walk and think about why. *wink* My dad was, in fact, buried. He's in Greenwood Cemetary about fifteen miles outside of Springfield, Oregon. But... your dilemma will be this: Since last year, the Newbury family has been looking for a headstone that we felt "represented" my dad best... so far, no luck. We want something simple, but so far there has been nothing that we felt would be a good choice. One of these days maybe... Anyways, my advice to you would be this: my dad would like it much more if you listened to your favorite album and sipped on a strong cup of coffee for him... *grin*

Laura Shayne

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